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Monday, December 28, 2009

My Note Taking Scheme

"Falls in love with TPTK"
When I see someone going to town with TPTK, especially if it's all-in, more than once, or against a good player, I know I need to make two adjustments:
- Bluff less
- Value bet two pair or better VERY hard

"Minbets are weak"
This note is a terrific opportunity to sort value bets from bluffs. If villain makes a tiny bet, I can punish with a float, a bluff-raise, or a slowplay, and I can do it with confidence.

"Positionally unaware"
This warns me not to treat LP bets as light, and can save quite a bit of money in blind defense situations.

"Likes to test pre-flop raises"
A class of player enjoys calling pre-flop raises OOP and then leading any flop. These players are so exploitable it's beautiful: you should frequently bluff-raise with air and slowplay with any made hand.

"Overvalues draws"
Make those flop and turn bets larger, but be afraid of scare cards on the river: there's no crime in check/folding when the obvious draw hits against this player.

"Defends blinds excessively"
Steal less often, but steal harder: bigger flop bets, second barrels, that sort of thing.

By Pokey

Note Taking - Abbreviations
LRR - limp re-raises
BISK - bluffs if shown weakness post-flop
BRISK - bluffs river if shown weakness
TRP - trappy post-flop (c/r, floats, etc)
CR - Check raises frequently
DNB - do not bluff
DBS - donk bets strong
DBW - donk bets weak
MRS – min-raises flop strong
MRW – min-raises flop weak
SCBW- small c-bet weak
SCBS- small c-bet strong
PDA – plays draws aggressively
PDP – plays draws passively
ISOL- isolates limpers
ISOI- isolates isos
NPA – not positional aware
SS – short stacker (maybe note stack size)
NPND – no pair, no draw
CFTP – can’t fold TP
FOF – fit or fold
SOL – stacks off light
CDL – calls down light
SOOT – loves any two suited
FC – flush chaser
SDV – showdown value
CRW – c/r weak hands

Board texture:
Axx – board with A high and two random unconnected cards
425s – two tone or suited
425m – monotone
425r – rainbow
425s9s – turn completes suit
4259ss – double suited board

Color Code:
Green – fish
Dark Purple – big fish
Orange – good regular
Dark Blue – regular
Yellow – all around nit
Pink – short stacker
Red – very aggressive

(?) after note to mark suspicion
?-?-blank-!-!! as a confirmation of suspicion and how strong the read is

Notes to take:
• Ranges in different spots post-flop (polarized vs balanced)
• 3b frequency and range (polarized, unpolarized, clueless, SCs, etc.)
• Positional awareness
• What level opponent’s are thinking on?
• Exploitable tendencies
• Bet sizing
• Timing tells: tank/check/shove, tank/bet, etc
• How they play: draws, board texture, second pair type hands, monsters, etc
  • Line w monster on dry/wet boards
  • Line w draws
  • Line w TPMK, especially as aggressor IP (pot control wet boards? on turn? riv?)

Example of good notes:
• called 3x pfr oop, led 3 streets w 4 high NPND (bet sizes could make this better)
• r/f 12bb co vs bb
• l/c w 97s 14bb EP, shove Q29r
• call iso w 64o
• flat 3b oop w 25bb, c/f KQ8
• min rr AA
• complete 72o (atc)
• one and done (good float candidate)
• SOL (type of hands: TPTK, TPNK, OP, etc.)
• calls 3b oop w KTs
• called pfr from bb w AK, c/c Kxx, v-bet riv (again, bet sizes could make this better)
• value checks riv
• db (s/b) (w/s) (small/big) ( weak/strong)
• limp rr EP w xx. Flop J high FD, c/c flop and turn w no plan
• flop c/r or raise range (TPMK-GK?, TPTK+?, polar?, depends on board texture?)
• floats w no plan

Example of notes from GC’s ep3:
• 12-09 NL100 6m (he starts with day, stakes and game everytime)
• limpfolds (use l/f if easier)
• betsize w TPTK on Q8385. 3-7.5, 5-13.5, ck.
• thinks c/r = FD
• saw me c/r gutter as pfr in bvb
• 3b sb vs btn and gave up on Q82r
• bvb, call 3b OOP and c/r KT4s. 35-10-17 (35=c/r size, 10=bet size, 17= pot size)
• Cc 3b w SS, db Qxx
• defend sb vs btn, c/mr J64s
• c/c, x/x, overbetjam 984T8 (overbetjams huge hands?)
• open shoved riv twice
• uses auto buttons
• c/tankcall trips?
• Cb 8-10, 18-27 w AA on KQ8s5
• Tb 8-14 in bvb on Qxx as bluff (Tb = 2 barrel)
• psb turn and riv w 99 on T32s8
• SS flat minpfr bvb w Q6s, flat 733, bluff off stack on turn when ck to
• underbets for value w invulnerable hands? psb for value w vulnerable hands?

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