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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Some of the numbers in the most recent W$WSF post is probably going to be a bit outdated because the games have changed since the time of the posting (January 2008). This is a good post nonetheless and all you have to do is tweak the numbers a little to fit your games.

Some point down the line I will try to make a post on what I believe to be numbers that are representative of the different player types. I do not have the resources or the experience at this point to make a good post.

My numbers are as follows:

Hands: 6,400
VPIP: 29
PFR: 21
WTSD: 25
W$SD: 54
W$WSF: 44

The bigger than normal discrepancy between my VPIP and PFR is due to the vast amount of bad players at my site and the IO I get to play weaker hands. I think my W$WSF could be higher and I'll probably keep an eye on this as I get better. I am interested in what other people's stats look like. Please post them in the comments section.

Thank You!